Christ’s Circus | By Mike McGuire

I don’t know if everyone knows this but I love watching movies! I recently had the pleasure of going with some pretty special people to see the Greatest Showman. Now, please don’t stop reading, because this is not a film review. Well, maybe a little bit because you should totally see it, but hang with me. I bring it up because while I was watching it I felt so convicted. In the movie there are so many similarities between the circus and what God means for us to be as the church.

In the movie Hugh Jackman as P.T Barnum goes and seeks out the undesirable’s that society has cast aside and brings them into what would become the circus. He gives them safety, purpose, and a family to belong to. He helps these outcasts to develop confidence in who they are and helped them realize they are so much more than their differences and what people think and say about them. In the movie, Barnum struggles also, but comes to realizes that his family and friends, not money or fame are what truly matter. All of these things stood out to me as exactly what the struggles are in us, society, and churches.

We have struggles with body image, race, materialism, religion, class, identity, family, comparison and so on. I could insert myself into so many of these struggles. This is why Christ came. And people need to know that they are loved and accepted by their creator. He has chosen to use us, the Church, to bring people out of the shadows and help them find their place in Gods kingdom!

In the song “Come Alive”, from The Greatest Showman, there were some lyrics that really convicted me in what the churches mission should be:
No more living in those shadows
You and me, we know how that goes
‘Cause once you see it, oh you’ll never, never be the same
We will be the light that’s turning
Bottle up but keep on shining
You can prove there’s more to you
You cannot be afraid
Come alive, come alive
Go and light your light
Let it burn so bright
Reaching up
To the sky
And it’s open wide
You’re electrified

We are all outcasts because of our sin. No one is better or worse than anyone else in God’s eyes! We see this in Christ. Who did he spend his time with? It was the undesirables, the outcasts. It was prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves, and drunkards. He didn’t hang out much with the people who didn’t think they needed a savior. He hung out with those who knew they needed one.

 For the Son of Man (Christ) came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10.

This got me thinking. I am an outcast. Christ saved me and brought me in. I should do the same and bring others into his Kingdom. What would people say about me if I went and hung out with stoners, drunks, or prostitutes. People may laugh, question my intensions or maybe even my faith. That’s what people did to Jesus, so why not me? Jesus is so much better than me and if he suffered slander for the gospel and to bring in the outcast why should I expect any different? What would our churches look like if we filled them with the people Christ hung out with? Because if we aren’t, are we truly following him?

I don’t know about you but I feel like I want to leave everything behind and join Christ’s circus!

Come one!
Come all!
You hear
The call
To anyone who’s searching for a way to break free

-“Come Alive” | The Greatest Showman

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