Good | By Jill Bryant

In this world I strive to be good. A good mom. A good wife. A good friend. A good Christian.

I’ve been studying the story of creation. Those first verses of Genesis that are designed like the lyrics of an old song that everyone knows and sings but nobody really pays attention to the words much anymore.

“and God saw the light, and it was good.” Genesis 1:4 “…and God saw that it was good” Genesis 1:10 “…and God saw that it was good” Genesis 1:12

I will just tell you that phrase is used seven times in the creation story. Ending with, “indeed it was very good…” in verse 31. Like a chorus of worship from God regarding His creation.

My Study Bible says that phrase, “God saw that it was good”, refers to a powerful blessing by God. But recently a new definition was introduced to me. “Good” from the Hebrew word “Tov” is defined as: suited for a purpose or working the way it’s supposed to be.

The chair supports a person, it works the way it was designed, and therefore it is a good chair.
The blanket covers a bed/couch/person, which is its intended purpose, so it is a good blanket.

There is no room for personal opinion within this definition of good. It either works or it doesn’t. Doesn’t matter the color, design, materials, shape, size….all the rest is arbitrary.

So, the next time I get on social media and compare my birthday party efforts with the mom down the street, or my house, or my car, or my kids, or my faith. I hope I can stop and remember what God has designed me for, His ultimate intended purpose for me, which his to be in relationship with Him. Obeying Him, worshiping Him, honoring Him.

I’ve had the humbling experience of My Father bringing me to my knees. I experienced Him taking everything from me that the world told me made me worthy – a job, a marriage, a bank account: a life I was proud to display. And the Creator of the universe revealed to me that with all those things removed, (He left me absolutely nothing) I can be everything through Him. My intrinsic value is simply assessed in the fact that I am created in the image of God, and for no other reason

I. Am. Good.

Created for a purpose.

Working the way I am supposed to.

Simply made to be in relationship with Him.

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