Dealing with Death | By Gene Barron

How relevant is Jesus to our life today? Someone shared with me at worship Sunday that a dear friend of theirs had died. Death is something we all face – normally several times during our life – close friends, parents, siblings, a spouse ... it’s inevitable. When Jesus heard of His friend Lazarus' illness He... Continue Reading →

Joy | By Mike McGuire

When you hear the word strength, what is the first thing that you think of? Is it a body builder, crossfit follower, a person dealing with a heavy amount of stress? Or is it someone overcome with laughter and positivity? See, I was talking with a good friend a few months back and we began... Continue Reading →

You Must Hate… | By Robert Peterson

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:26 As a family man, I will admit that sometimes this verse has troubled me. Hate my father and mother, wife and children, my brothers and... Continue Reading →

Suicide & God | By Phillip Holland

Recently a rather somber topic has surfaced in conversations I have had, meetings I have been a part of, and articles I have been reading.  At first I thought it to be coincidental.  I said to myself, “Certainly something like this could not be commonplace.”  Unfortunately as I did research I came to discover that... Continue Reading →

Perfection | By Brandon Burcham

You guys. It’s almost here. Dreams will come true. Hopes will be lost. Stars will be born. Expectations will be shattered. Legends will be made! What in the world could I be talking about, you ask? That’s right, sports fans… “March Madness, baaaaabyyyy!” (Dick Vitale impression) Yes…it’s the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball tournament where... Continue Reading →

What’s Important? | By Gene Barron

The Corinthian church had a lot of problems, which is beneficial for us, because we can learn as Jesus dealt with those issues through Paul’s letters. Perhaps the top two issues that Corinth became known for are the same two major issues we face in our culture: sexual immorality and extreme materialism. The primary god... Continue Reading →

Good | By Jill Bryant

In this world I strive to be good. A good mom. A good wife. A good friend. A good Christian. I’ve been studying the story of creation. Those first verses of Genesis that are designed like the lyrics of an old song that everyone knows and sings but nobody really pays attention to the words... Continue Reading →

Christ’s Circus | By Mike McGuire

I don’t know if everyone knows this but I love watching movies! I recently had the pleasure of going with some pretty special people to see the Greatest Showman. Now, please don’t stop reading, because this is not a film review. Well, maybe a little bit because you should totally see it, but hang with... Continue Reading →

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